Joint statement from Penticton Indian Band Chief Greg Gabriel, Acting Mayor Helena Konanz and School District #67 Chair James Palanio: 


“Today was a moment of pride in Penticton, with the installation of a Two - Spirit rainbow crosswalk that honours the diversity of the community. 
“The initiative for this symbol of hope came from students at Queen's Park Elementary who showed leadership in requesting a tangible sign of support for diverse and inclusive communities. It's a reminder that children start from a place of acceptance. And that's a lesson for all of us. 
“Since the installation there have been many vile comments on social media that highlight the need to show support for all members of our community. For the rainbow crosswalk to be a true symbol there needs to condemnation of bullying and intolerance. The installation of this symbol is not the end, it is the beginning. 
“As elected leaders, we stand for a community that is diverse, open and accepting. There's no place for hate. 
“And to the kids who requested the rainbow crosswalk, thank you for showing the way.”