Pedestrian footbridge reopens as Penticton Creek work progresses

Service Announcement

The pedestrian footbridge at Norton Street and Wade Avenue East has reopened to the public while work to naturalize and restore flood protection of Penticton Creek moves downstream. 

A dam has been built near the footbridge, with the creek being diverted through a pipe, making it possible for restoration crews to remove deteriorating concrete from the creek bottom and side embankment areas. This diversion will continue until the end of August, within the fish window. 

This project is part of the City’s ongoing initiative to restore Penticton Creek to its natural state, enhancing its habitat for Kokanee salmon and other wildlife. 

Be aware that the pedestrian bridge may close for short periods for any dam maintenance but will remain open until construction activities return to the area, likely in mid-August. The City will provide an update at that time, also with regular updates posted at

The following has been completed:

  • Removal of undergrowth and some trees that interfere with the creek’s rehabilitation 
  • Alterations to the bus routes along Nanaimo Avenue 
  • Installing pipe, damming and diverting the creek 
  • Closing of the creek side walkway during creek channel restoration 
  • Removal of the Nanaimo Street Bridge

Other upcoming work will involve installing river rock, improving lighting and walkways, and planting trees. Completion is estimated for the end of October.

A summary of the project to naturalize Penticton Creek and preserve the flood protection qualities can be found