Project aims to preserve ‘Neighbourhood Charm’

News Release

Residents of two of Penticton’s most charming neighbourhoods are invited to get involved in a project to explore how the character of their unique streets can be protected when new development is proposed for the area. The two areas identified for this project are the Lakeshore Drive and Windsor Ave. / Cherryland neighbourhoods. 

“These are two well-loved neighbourhoods known for their big front yards, mature trees and quaint or historic homes,” said Blake Laven, Director of Development Services. “Through the Neighbourhood Charm Project, we are going to work with area residents to see if there is interest in looking for ways to celebrate or preserve the character of these unique streets.”

The involvement of the community is the first step in a process that could see the City amend the zoning bylaw to ensure new development in these neighbourhoods is reflective of the historical development pattern in the area. Residents will also be invited to indicate their interest in opportunities to preserve the heritage of their homes or streets through participation in the City’s Heritage Register and the establishment of Heritage Conservation Areas. Council directed staff to undertake this work at their meeting on April 5, 2022.

“Something as simple as increasing front yard setbacks and minimum lot widths, and limiting maximum building heights can do a lot to preserve the look and feel of a neighbourhood for existing residents especially in areas where there is a mix of new construction,” said Laven. “We look forward to hearing what residents would like to see.”

This week, residents in these neighbourhoods will receive a letter and handout describing the project and inviting them to participate in a workshop. The workshops will begin with a walking tour led by local historians and highlighting the unique features of the neighbourhood. This will be followed by a workshop to discuss possible bylaw amendments and other ideas to preserve the charm and heritage of the neighbourhoods. The Cherryland Neighbourhood Charm Workshop is planned for October 1, tours will begin at 10 am beginning in Windsor Park. The Lakeshore Drive Neighbourhood Charm Workshop is planned for October 8. Tours will begin at 10 am in Lackawanna Park.  An online information sessions is also planned for Oct. 12  for anyone who is not able to attend the in person event. More information about this work including maps of the affected areas can be found on

Residents interested in this work and who do not live in these areas are also invited to attend the workshops and participate through


Blake Laven
Director of Development Services
City of Penticton

JoAnne Kleb
Communications and Engagement Manager
City of Penticton