Residents allowed to return home, stabilization work to begin

News Release

The construction of a larger lock-block retaining wall to provide protection against any potential rock fall has allowed the evacuation order for all 25 homes in the Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park impacted to be lifted effective at 6 p.m. today.

“Based on expert advice, we’re comfortable the new retaining wall will provide an appropriate buffer as we begin the next stage in securing the rock and this allows to lift the order for residents who will now remain on evacuation alert,” says Emergency Operations Centre director Kristen Dixon. 

Work on stabilizing the rock will begin shortly and could take up to several weeks to complete.

 “We want to thank the residents for their co-operation and our public work crews, Emergency Support Service volunteers and the outside experts who have moved as quickly as possible to deal with this potential threat,” says Dixon. 

Dixon adds that while crews conduct their work, no one should be exploring the area between the newly constructed lock-block wall and the unstable bank. “Our priority has been ensuring the safety of everyone and we look forward to continued co-operation from residents and the public,” she says.

Map below shows Evacuation Alert area

Evacuation Alert 


Alert Map