Backyard Chickens

Council has supported the following regulations with regards to backyard chickens:

  • Urban hens are restricted to properties with one single detached dwelling.
  • No more than five hens may be kept on your property.
  • No roosters are permitted.
  • Proper cleaning and animal husbandry must be followed at all times.
  • Hens may not be slaughtered on site.
  • The hen structure / enclosure shall be sited to the rear of the principal building, be setback from any property lines, not be visible from the street, and be constructed in a way to eliminate infiltration from predatory animals and rodents as well as for sound attenuation.
  • Chickens must be kept in a hen house without access to the larger enclosure at night.

These regulations have recently been outlined in the Zoning Bylaw, Section 7.7 Urban Hens. Non compliance of the regulations may result in Bylaw Offence Notice fines.

Further, it is encouraged and recommended that property owners notify their neighbours to help mitigate complaints to the Bylaw Services Department. Any further questions can be directed to 250-490-2440.