Vacant Building Registration

On August 20, 2012, City Council adopted the new Good Neighbour Bylaw 2012-5030 which targets Vacant Buildings and structures that are dilapidated, dangerous, improperly secured, subject to public complaints, and that have been vacant for extended periods of time. 

A Vacant Building is defined as, " A building or structure, which is without lawful resident or occupant or which is not being put to a lawful commercial, residential, or industrial use for a continuous period of over forty-five days within a consecutive sixty-day period or which, may be unoccupied and unsecured; occupied and secured by boarding or other similar means; unoccupied and deemed a nuisance or hazardous building or structure or no longer hold a valid building permit ."

If a building is deemed a Vacant Building under the Bylaw, the owner will be notified in writing and must either:

  • Demolish the structure;
  • Renovate the structure to a habitable state; or
  • Obtain a Vacant Building Registration (VBR) permit.

If an owner of a Vacant Building is unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements of the Good Neighbour Bylaw 2012-5030 or Council determines that the Vacant Building is a hazard or a nuisance under the Community Charter then the City may order the owner to remove the Vacant Building within 45 days of the initial notification.

Forms & Applications

The Vacant Buildings Program

Application for Vacant Building Registration Permit

Inquiries & Complaints

If you would like to learn more about the Vacant Building Program or would like to issue a complaint please contact Development Services, Bylaw Enforcement Department at (250) 490-2440. Please provide your full name and contact number when making a complaint about a Vacant Building.

For more information regarding the Vacant Building Registration please contact Development Services, Bylaw Department at (250) 490-2440.