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Survivor and other Death Benefits

Human Resources Development Canada provides survivor benefits through the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security. See the description of CPP benefits and the Government of Canada Pension Plan Information& Benefits guides for complete details.

Financial and Legal Assistance

Through the Ministry of Social Development, a supplement may be provided to pay necessary services and costs of any person who dies in BC if the family unit or the estate of the deceased person has no immediate resources to meet these costs.

When a death occurs, a legal representative for the deceased must be determined. Section 5 of the Cemetery, Interment and Funeral Services Act explains the guidelines for establishing legal representatives. Also, see the Cremation Interment and Funeral Services Regulation

The Public Guardian & Trustee of BC has a legal responsibility to protect the rights of mentally incapable persons, minors, and the estates of missing persons and deceased persons where there is no named executor, or where there is no one willing or able to act as executor.

Victims Services