Outdoor (Backyard) Fireplaces

Outdoor (backyard) fireplaces are popular and readily available at hardware stores and garden centres. Fireplaces using propane, natural gas, briquettes or is equipped with a spark arrestor, do not need to be inspected and a permit is not required.

If your fireplace is wood burning, it must be permanently installed and will need to be inspected by the Fire Department prior to issuing a Fireplace Permit.

How to Begin

Are you making an application to construct a permanent outdoor fireplace? According to Penticton’s Fire and Life Safety Bylaw, you must:

  • Submit a plot plan for approval indicating the location of the fireplace along with the drawing showing construction and dimensions.
  • The fireplace must be constructed in such a manner that limits the size of the fire area to a maximum of 4000 cm/sq. (24”x 24”).
  • The fireplace must not be situated within 3 metres (10') of combustibles or adjoining lot line.
  • The chimney must extend at least 1 metre (3') above any structure that is within 3 metres (10') of the fireplace.
  • The chimney must be equipped with a 1 cm (1/2”) mesh spark arrestor and secured with metal screws when necessary.
  • To arrange for a site inspection, email: fire@penticton.ca or call the Prevention Division at 250-490-2300.
  • A final inspection will be done by Fire Department personnel and a permit issued at that time.

The permanent outdoor fireplace cannot be used as a domestic or commercial incinerator. Only dry, well-seasoned wood is acceptable. The Fire Chief can revoke any permit where there is a violation of any condition or requirement of this bylaw.

Safe Burning Practices

Please refer to the website or Fire & Life Safety Bylaw to review the list of items you can and cannot burn.

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