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The City of Penticton is located in a wildfire prone area and has contended with wildland urban interface fires. With some easy steps, you can protect your home from wildfire. 

The Penticton FireSmart team is dedicated to reducing wildfire risk to properties and homes through public education. The goal of FireSmart is to empower homeowners to increase their resilience to wildfire on their properties and in their communities.

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How to Make Your Home FireSmart

Sparks and embers can be thrown up to 2 km ahead of a wildfire. These can ignite materials on or near your home, which can be potentially devastating. These FireSmart guidelines will help you create a defensible space around your home, minimizing your fire risk.

3 Easy Ways to Assess Your Home

In the time it takes to make yourself a coffee, you could be assessing your property for potential fire risks. It’s that easy. Here are some ways to get started.

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Remember Your 3 Ps

Prepare, Plan and Practice. Find out more about each of the steps below.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Penticton is located in a fire-prone environment. The goal of Penticton's CWPP is to strengthen and maintain our community's resilience to wildfire.

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COMING SOON: Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP)

Coming soon!

Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans (CWRPs) are the next generation of CWPPs. A partnership between the BC FireSmart Committee and the BC Wildfire Service has allowed for the development of a framework for the CWRP. The goals of the CWRP are to:

  • Increase communities' capactiy and understanding of wildfire risk,
  • Foster greater collaboration across administrative boundaries,
  • Be more responsive to different types of communities throughout British Columbia, and
  • Develop achievable and accountable action items.

Stay tuned for the updated CWRP!

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