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The City of Penticton is located in a wildfire prone area and has contended with wildland urban interface fires. With some easy steps, you can protect your home from wildfire. 

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How to Make Your Home FireSmart

Sparks and embers can be thrown up to 2 km ahead of a wildfire. These can ignite materials on or near your home, which can be potentially devastating. These FireSmart guidelines will help you create a defensible space around your home, minimizing your fire risk.

3 Easy Ways to Assess Your Home

In the time it takes to make yourself a coffee, you could be assessing your property for potential fire risks. It’s that easy. Here are some ways to get started.

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Remember Your 3 Ps

Prepare, Plan and Practice. Find out more about each of the steps below.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Penticton is located in a fire-prone environment. The goal of Penticton's CWPP is to strengthen and maintain our community's resilience to wildfire.

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COMING SOON: Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP)

Coming soon!

Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans (CWRPs) are the next generation of CWPPs. A partnership between the BC FireSmart Committee and the BC Wildfire Service has allowed for the development of a framework for the CWRP. The goals of the CWRP are to:

  • Increase communities' capactiy and understanding of wildfire risk,
  • Foster greater collaboration across administrative boundaries,
  • Be more responsive to different types of communities throughout British Columbia, and
  • Develop achievable and accountable action items.

Stay tuned for the updated CWRP!

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