Simply toss your clean recyclables loosely into your recycle cart and place at the curb for collection. Please do not use any bags of any colour. If you live in a multi-family dwelling such as an apartment building or townhouse, please use the recycle dumpsters or recycle carts (also added loosely and without bags).

What Goes Where?

What goes in your blue recycling cart? If you're not sure about a specific item, try the tool below. Simply type in the item for details about how – and where – you can recycle or dispose of it locally. You can also try phoning the Recycle Hotline at 1-800-667-4321.

What Goes Where?

Books Recycling

Are you looking to clear out space on your book shelf? Do not throw books in the trash or your home recycling carts. Visit our Books Recycling page for some ways to dispose of old books responsibly. 

Books recycling

Clothing & Textiles Recycling

It's important to keep clothing, fabrics, rugs and other textiles out of your recycling carts. Options for disposing of clothing and textiles include: 

  • If the items are gently used, they may be suitable for donation (see list of local locations below).
  • Some items may be suitable to resell. There are a couple of consignment shops in Penticton, or consider selling them online, through Facebook Marketplace or other online community Facebook groups.
  • If the items are soiled or damaged, they should be placed in the garbage. 

Recycling Guides

Recycling Tips


  • Empty and rinse containers: Any remaining food waste will contaminate recyclables.
  • Place shredded paper in a paper bag or cardboard box.

Waste Connections of Canada, the contractor responsible for curbside collection of garbage and recycling, will tag residents' carts if they find disallowed materials in the curbside collection. This reminder is an important part to ensuring the recycling program is efficient and free from contamination.

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