Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected bi-weekly throughout Penticton from March to December and yard waste collection starts again the week of February 28 - March 4, 2022. This includes organics such as plants, grass trimmings and tree trimmings from residential dwellings. Kitchen scraps and food waste are not accepted. Remember to keep plastic bags, pet waste, tissues and garden materials including hoses and plastic pots out of your bin.

Unlimited Yard Waste Collection

Unlimited yard waste collection is occurring the week of March 28 - April 1, and April 25 - 29, 2022. Residents with curbside waste removal can put out unlimited paper bags or containers of yard waste on your regular collection day. During this period, please:

  • Place yard waste at your usual collection point by 7 am on your regular garbage day. 
  • Additional yard waste must be placed in Kraft paper bags or reusable containers marked as “yard waste."
  • Bundle branches using string or twine (no more than three feet long, three inches in diameter and 50 pounds in weight).
  • If your additional yard waste is not collected, please leave it at your collection point as a second truck may be required to pick it up.
  • Yard waste contained in plastic bags is not be accepted.

What Goes in Your Cart?

About Your Yard Waste Cart and Collection

Seasonal Unlimited Yard Waste Collection

Are you filling up your yard waste cart? Try timing major yard work around the four unlimited yard waste collection weeks occurring twice in the spring and twice in the fall. Exact dates and details can be found in your garbage calendar.

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