Community Programs

Penticton RCMP Community Policing Unit organizes several programs and services designed to prevent crime and educate the community about crime prevention.

The unit, located at 185 Lakeshore Drive, is comprised of four members and powered by numerous hardworking volunteers. In service since 1990, it’s supported by the RCMP's "E" Division.

We aim to:
  • Strengthen the safety and security of our community
  • Provide awareness of crime and crime prevention opportunities
  • Facilitate community problem solving
  • Build relationships inclusive of all cultures within our community
  • Develop partnerships within local government, education, business, health and Aboriginal communities
  • Promote lifestyles and life choices that support health and wellness

RCMP Units and Initiatives   

  • Community Active Support Table (CAST)
  • Community Support and Enforcement Team (CSET)
    • Traffic Services
    • Mental Health Intervention Coordinator
    • Aboriginal Policing Team
  • Street Enforcement Unit (SEU) – Drug investigation and enforcement unit
  • Targeted Enforcement Unit (TEU) – Prolific offender enforcement
  • General Investigative Section (GIS) – Plainclothes major crimes investigations


Community Policing Unit Programs

Below is a selection of some of the programs we provide. If you have any questions about a current program, or a suggestion regarding a new program, please contact us.

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