Report a Crime

How you report your crime to Penticton RCMP will depend on the urgency of the matter.

Emergency Situation

Does the issue require immediate response or dispatch? If so, call 911. Here are some examples of an emergency:

  • When the emergency involves an immediate threat to a person or property
  • If you see a crime in progress or suspicious circumstance that may indicate a pending criminal act
  • If immediate action is required from police, fire or emergency health services
  • A serious crime that has just occurred and the suspect may not be far away from the scene

Non-Emergency Situation 

If some time has elapsed since the incident, the suspect is no longer at the scene, or the call is to report a nuisance issue, call the RCMP's non-emergency number at 250-492-4300. Please note: we do not accept reports of crime over email.

How to Report a Crime

Other Reports and Issues

Do you have a noisy neighbour? Is a barking dog keeping you up all night? Would you like to make a complaint about a traffic or snow removal issue? These are all examples of issues that should be reported to the City of Penticton's Bylaws Services Department.

Please see the following categories for further information about other issues and how to report them.