Lake-to-Lake Bike Route Construction

The Lake-to-Lake Route is a 6.7 km protected bike lane through the centre of the city intended to make cycling convenient and safe for residents of all ages and abilities. The route was identified following a two-year consultation process. Currently, 3.8 km of the route is complete and 650 metres will be completed in 2023 as part of the Point Intersection project. TThe final section is planned to commence later in 2023 and is subject to budget approval.

The complete route is estimated to cost up to $8 million. This estimate includes all costs associated with the separated bike lanes, intersection and sidewalk improvements, as well as storm system alterations along the route. To date, the City has received $1 million from the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP), $750,000 from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF), and used $1.2 million from the Canada Community-Building Fund to offset the costs of the project.  The City continues to apply for applicable grants as they become available.  

Once complete, the route will be the spine in the City’s cycling network and a key part of the City’s shift to a complete transportation system that supports all modes of transportation, helps meet environmental objectives and uses infrastructure wisely.

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Building the Bike Route in Waves

The following is a summary of the key activities that take place to build the bike route. 

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The City has received a number of questions about the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Email if you have any additional questions. 

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