Lake-to-Lake Bike Route Construction

Construction of section 2 of the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route is proceeding on schedule and is set to be completed by October. Work is currently underway on Atkinson Street between Duncan Avenue and Kinney Avenue. Periodic road closures or delays may be required as construction proceeds. Please watch for on-site signage and flaggers, and expect delays. 

Construction Updates

The following links below include a summary of major works completed, underway or coming up for each section of this section of the route. This page will be updated as construction proceeds. 

Update as of Aug. 9, 2022: Construction work has now largely shifted to the section of Atkinson Street between Warren Avenue and Kinney Street, behind Cherry Lane Shopping Centre. Please note that this stretch of road is closed, only allowing local traffic at this time.  The easiest way to access Cherry Lane is by Warren Avenue, Main Street or Kinney Avenue. 

Also, the Atkinson Street Bridge near Industrial Avenue remains closed to traffic to allow for construction to widen the bridge. Please watch for on-site signage, allow for delays and be prepared to use alternate routes. You may also see the water truck on-site spraying the roads in an effort to minimize dust in the area. Efforts are also being made to protect local trees.

Next major milestone: Work on the section of Duncan Avenue between Fairview to Main Street is planned to begin in early September, which will include the signalization of the intersection at Atkinson and Duncan. We will be posting updates involving this section to this page closer to the date.  

Infrastructure Improvements

In addition to installing the bike route, which involves new paving and bike lane curbs (among other enhancements), the City is taking this opportunity to make the following infrastructure improvements: 

  • Installing a storm water management system to reduce the risk of localized flooding.
  • Adding new lighting throughout the entire corridor. 
  • Adding pedestrian crossings including lighting and ramps for enhanced safety.

Section 2 map 



About the Project

Watch for these Changes along the Route

This list below details changes that have been added along the route during construction of sections 3 and 4 to ensure the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. As part of the next phase of development for section 2, further upgrades to intersections, line painting, lighting upgrades, flashing beacons, wayfinding signage and additional concrete curbs will be completed.

Building the Bike Route in Waves

The following is a summary of the key activities that will take place to build the bike route. Road construction normally occurs block-by-block to expedite the work and minimize disruption. As the bike lanes are long and narrow, the work is stretched across several blocks and will occur in waves with the following activities overlapping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The City has received a number of questions about the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route since construction has started. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Email if you have any additional questions. 

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