Cycling Network

Our bike-friendly city is home to a growing network of paths and routes that will connect you to lakes, parks, schools and businesses. Thanks to Penticton's compact geography, combined with great weather for most of the year, cycling is an ideal way to move around the community. Also visit our Trails page to scope out your off-road routes.

By the Numbers

  • On street painted bike lanes – 22 km
  • All Ages and Abilities bike lanes – 2.3 km
  • Multi-use paths and trails – 25 km

Tips for a Safe Ride along the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route

Construction of section 3 and 4 of the Lake-to-Lake Bike Route was completed in 2021 and construction of section 2 is now underway. Visit our Lake-to-Lake Bike Route Construction page for updates.

Lake-to-Lake Bike Route

Bike Safety Tips

Recreational Riding

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