Roadwork & Construction

Construction Updates: Redlands/Uplands & Haven Hill Road

Construction is set to begin within the Uplands and Redlands neighbourhoods to improve water and sewer main infrastructure. Work is anticipated to take place on a rolling basis until October 2023. This project involves conducting water main and service connection replacements, sewer work and fire hydrant installations. It's expected that during construction, there will be traffic, access and utility disruptions. View the links below for further details.

Further Details & FAQ

The following frequently asked questions are related to the 2023 water and sewer main works project scheduled to take place within Redlands, Uplands and Haven Hill Road on a rolling basis until October 2023.

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For specific questions or concerns related to the Uplands/Redlands water and sewer main construction project, contact Michael Lauer, Site Superintendent of TwinCon Enterprises, at 250-486-6603.