Ellis 4 Dam Upgrades

Upgrades to the Ellis 4 dam are planned to begin in the summer of 2024. This work is required to improve the resiliency of the structure and to ensure safe water storage for years to come. This will involve restoring the existing dam to reduce the risk of failure due to climate change impacts, natural disasters and extreme weather events.

The project is estimated to cost $10 million, of which $7.1 million is being provided by the federal and provincial governments through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.  The remaining funding was allocated as part of the City’s budget planning process, as indicated in the 2024-2028 Financial & Corporate Business Plan.

Ellis 4 Dam


Moving Penticton Forward

The Moving Penticton Forward plan will see $41.3 million invested in capital projects in 2024. These investments are key to ensuring we maintain and improve infrastructure to ensure the services people expect are reliable and of a high standard. Projects range from significant roadwork construction and underground infrastructure upgrades to maintaining our Wastewater Treatment and Water Treatment facilities, and upgrading Ellis Dam. Moving Penticton Forward