Electric & Water Accounts

Please note that we will be closed from Dec 24, 2020 to Jan 4, 2021 for the Holiday Season.  Any enquiries during that time will be answered after Jan 4, 2021.  Applications for service/disconnection will not be processed during that time.  We are unable to backdate therefore any applications received during that time will be processed for after Jan 4, 2021.

Start here for any requests involving your Electrical or Water accounts. Find out how you can apply for or disconnect a service, inquire about your bill or explore your payment options.

Did you know you can save time by viewing your accounts online? Register for MyCity to have easy access to your City accounts, all in one spot. You can also pay your utilities bills online at MyPayments!

For more information about Penticton’s Electrical Utility, including what to do during a power outage, visit our Electrical page. Also visit the Water and Wastewater sections to find out more about those City services.

Manage Your Utilities Account

Payments & Billing

May 2020 change as a relief measure for COVID-19:

  • Rates subject to the prompt payment discount have been reduced by 10%, and the discount removed.
  • The result of this change is that those customers who are struggling to pay their bills during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period will still receive the benefits of the discount.
  • Going forward there will not be two separate amounts (pre- and post-discount) or an amount for the discount on the bills as it is now built into the rate.

Landlords and Rental Properties

For tenant properties, landlords have three options available to them when considering the utilities portion of the tenancy agreement:

  1. Require the tenant to sign on for utilities in their name;
  2. Keep the utilities in the landlord or property manager’s name and present the utility bill to the tenant for repayment; or
  3. Keep the utilities in the landlord or property manager’s name and include an average bill amount in the monthly rent.

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