Automated Meter Reading

The City of Penticton has been using AMR (Automated Meter Reading) electrical meters since 2003. A walk-by reading system was originally deployed in 2005, later upgraded to a drive-by system in 2010. While upgrades of residential customer meters were completed in 2015, commercial customer meters continue to be replaced. 

AMR meters make it possible for City staff to read the community's approximately 25,000 electrical meters, in conjunction with around 9,500 water meters, using an AMR drive-by system. This is conducted monthly and takes about 20 hours to complete. Previously, meters were read on foot, which took several weeks.

Facts and Figures

  • AMR meters allow remote reading with either a walk-by or drive-by meter reading system.
  • The meters offer the potential to reduce reading time by 80%.
  • The AMR meters transmit a very brief signal (150 milliseconds), which contains only the current meter reading.
  • AMR meters conform with all applicable Measurement Canada, Spectrum IC, and Health Canada regulations and standards.

More Information