Water Treatment Process

When you turned on the taps this morning, it’s likely you gave little thought as to how it arrived there. In fact, many technologies and techniques were used to process the water and ensure its quality before arriving at your fingertips.

The City’s water treatment plant is an 88 million litres-per-day plant uniquely designed to treat water in a single or blended format from two sources: Penticton Creek and Okanagan Lake. Here’s some more information about it was treated.

Step 1: Okanagan Lake Pump Station and Penticton Creek Dam

Large objects such as logs and plants are screened out as the water is drawn to the treatment plant from Penticton Creek by gravity or pumped from Okanagan Lake.

Step 2: Blend Chamber

The water from either a single source or both sources is blended together and coagulants are added to help fine particles clump together, creating something known as “floc.”

Step 3: Coagulation & Flocculation

Flocculation is a process that helps capture and remove particles and micro-organisms. Water passes through the flocculation tanks, where it is mixed, causing particles to come in contact with each other and form larger floc. At this stage, most of the impurities and harmful bacteria are captured within the floc particles.

Step 4: Dissolved Air Floatation

The water enters the dissolve air flotation basin, where a dissolved air/water stream is mixed with the process stream, allowing the floc particles to rise, removing impurities from the water. The float is processed and the water proceeds to the filtration stage.

Step 5: Filtration

As water passes through filters, impurities are removed. This process may be repeated multiple times.

Step 6: Disinfection

Chlorine is added as a disinfectant to ensure the water is safe and to prevent bacteria from developing as it travels from the treatment plant to your taps.

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