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Water. Wastewater. Recycling. Would you like to learn about the steps that go on behind the scenes to protect our community’s natural environment? The City is offering free tours of two City facilities – the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant – as well as offering recycling presentations at your school or public facility. This page outlines the tours available.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Penticton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is an industry-leading facility that treats an average of 12 million litres of water each day. It’s one of the most advanced treatment facilities of its kind in Canada. We’d be happy to show you around the facility, whether you’re a school group or other members of the community. You'll learn about the processes involved to treat wastewater, which is any water that leaves our homes or businesses from sinks, tubs, drains and toilets. 

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment tour

Access to fresh drinking water is critical to our everyday lives. The City’s Water Treatment Plant processes 88 million litres of water per day from two sources: Penticton Creek and Okanagan Lake. This tour is best suited to students older than Grade 5, for safety reasons, and is ideal for high school or college groups. 

In-School Recycling Presentations

In-school recycling presentation at Uplands Elementary

Our Sustainability Coordinator is providing recycling presentations to classrooms and other organized groups throughout Penticton. This is a 45-minute discussion, providing tips and tricks about how to recycle better.

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Water Treatment Plant tour