Water Conservation


During times of water restrictions, we all do our part to ensure supply of quality tap water. Here you'll find details about water restrictions and some useful tips to conserve. 

Did You Know?

You may have wondered why parks and golf courses continue to be watered during restrictions. This is because Penticton uses reclaimed wastewater through its irrigation system, which has been treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Find out more about how our water is treated after leaving our homes and businesses. 

Water Restrictions and Consumption

Tips to Conserve Water

Here are a few tips from Okanagan WaterWise:

  • Water between dusk and dawn. Putting water to work during the coolest part of the day prevents evaporation.
  • Don't mow – let it grow. Leave grass 5-8 cm tall in order to slow evaporation from the soil. Leave grass clippings as mulch, which helps feed the lawn and retain moisture. Aerating the lawn in early spring or fall improves water penetration.
  • Rethink plants to those suitable to our dry climate. Okanagan water works best when paired with plants suitable to our dry climate: drought-tolerant turf and native low-water variety plants. View the Okanagan Xeriscape Association's Plant Database for a list of WaterWise plants.
  • One inch of water a week will do. Most lawns need just 2.5 cm of water per week.
  • Collect and re-use rainwater. It's free! Rain barrels collect fresh, naturally soft and chemical-free water that is great for container plants, flower beds and food gardens.

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