Dog Licences

Here in Penticton, dog licences are required if you live in the city for more than 30 days and your pet is older than three months old. Licences and tags expire on Dec. 31 each year and require renewing on an annual basis.

We now offer permanent dog tags, which are renewed annually at a cost (fees listed below). Two tag sizes are available: large tags for medium to large breed dogs and small tags for small breed dogs. If your dog does lose its tag, replacement tags are available.

Licences can be purchased at City Hall, 171 Main St., or at the City’s Animal Shelter Facility located at 2330 Dartmouth Drive. Renewal notices are issued annually in the beginning of November.

Please ensure your dog wears a tag. We also advise a tattoo and/or microchip to help reunite you with your dog if they wander off.

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