Focus on Housing

City Council identified the provision of attainable and accessible housing across the entire housing spectrum as a priority this term. The following web page is a central resource for information on the work to deliver on this priority.

Task Force on Housing

Council established the Official Community Plan – Housing Task Force to advise on amendments to the OCP that address residential growth trends and housing needs, assist with targeted consultation to gather input on housing needs and review and recommend new and innovative housing forms to benefit housing affordability. 

OCP Task Force on Housing

Need for housing

The City recently conducted the 2023 Housing Needs Assessment to understand the need for housing in the community and guide the work of the Task Force. The assessment showed that between 2016 to 2021, Penticton’s annual growth rate was high at 1.9%. If this trend continues, the City may have around 20,000 additional residents and 9,200 additional households by 2046. 

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Seven initiatives to develop more housing

Council approved an action plan that lays out seven initiatives that could see the addition of more than 400 housing units over three years on top of normal construction. The action plan is part of an application to the federal government’s $4 billion Housing Accelerator Fund that could see Penticton eligible for up to $10 million in grants to support development. The seven initiatives are:

•    Creation of a residential team to direct policy changes
•    Utilizing City land and new civic facilities
•    Accelerate new neighbourhood growth
•    Parking requirement reduction pilot
•    Pre-approved ‘missing middle’ plans
•    Remove/revise density and height restrictions 
•    Pre-zone strategic areas

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Involving the Community 

The City is preparing to update the Official Community Plan to address residential growth trends and housing needs. Council established a Task Force of 13 community members to guide the process – including consultation with residents - and make recommendations to Council.

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Penticton is Growing

The City is actively supporting the construction of new residential homes while this work proceeds. See the Penticton is Growing website for learn more about current developments underway including everything from rental housing and condo units to single-family homes. 


2023-07-28 Seven initiatives to develop more housing
2023-06-27 Council to consider OCP change for housing, medical office development
2023-02-24 Council to consider first four select committees