Focus on Safety

City Council has identified Safe and Resilient as one of four priority areas.

Key to enhancing and protecting the safety of all residents and visitors to Penticton.

  • Advocate for non enforcement response to social disorder issues specifically related to individuals experiencing homelessness, untreated mental health and addictions issues.
  • Facilitative and supportive role to not for profit sector that supports vulnerable residents.
  • Ensure Penticton is prepared for emergencies, both human-made and natural disasters.
  • Support strategies that reduce crime and increase a sense of community safety



2023 Priorities for Community Safety

The following highlights many of the initiatives underway, including those that will be brought forward through 
the upcoming 2023 budget process. In response to some of the recommendations coming out of the Review, a 
number of initiatives will be ongoing and also be brought forward for implementation in 2023, including the 

Safety planning framework

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Crime

How to Report an Issue or Crime

Additional Projects & Initiatives

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