Focus on Safety

Community safety is our top priority in 2022. As part of this year’s budget, the City has identified a number of key initiatives to address concerns about safety in Penticton. Follow this page for updates on these initiatives and other ongoing efforts to support community safety.

Key Initiatives

  1. Community Safety Resource Review: This review will look at RCMP, Fire and Bylaw operations to determine how resources should be best allocated to meet ongoing demand for services. This will involve identifying long-term staffing requirements and providing direction for how to address future needs.
  2. Enhance Bylaw Services: The City is hiring six new members of the Bylaw enforcement team, including four Community Safety Officers. This will extend their services until 11 p.m. daily, providing more street patrols and greater ability to respond to calls and complaints.
  3. Increase RCMP: The RCMP added four police officers in 2022, bringing the total increase in officers from 2020 to seven and bolstering the RCMP’s ability to proactively target prolific offenders.

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