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Harvey - SOHA Geocaching

Join the hunt!

Start by choosing a jump on point below, grab your GPS and go!

Geocaching is a fun way to learn how to use a GPS. Small treasure boxes are at each spot, containing a log book, information about the area and small trinkets for young visitors. There are also stickers for you to collect if you are doing the big tour.

Please record your log and follow the instructions. If you take a trinket, leave something behind for the next visitor.

Each point will take you to choices for the next spot on the tour. There are many different types of experiences offered throughout the tour. Some of the spots may take you on a bit of a hike, but all sites are related to the history of the area.

No GPS? No problem! Visit any of the heritage sites on the map or one of our local Visitor's Info Centres and ask for the "SOHA Treasure Map" to help Harvey the Heritage Hound find the treasures hidden throughout the South Okanagan!

Point 149 Degrees 10’ 58.1” N119 Degrees 33’ 06” WWhere would the prisoner sleep?
Point 249 Degrees 35’ 14” N119 Degrees 44’ 01” WTruck for second to last wheel
Point 349 degrees 35’ 50” N119 degrees 40’ 30” WLook under the barriers
Point 449 degrees 30’ 07” N119 degrees 36’ 41” WThe stairs have it
Point 549 degrees 20’ 32” N119 degrees 34’ 50” WUnder the cableway platform
Point 649 degrees 17’ 22” N119 degrees 34’ 48” WUnder a basalt outcrop. People who are scent sensitive should avoid.
Point 749 degrees 20’ 33” N119 degrees 34’ 24” WIn a hidey hole near the south east corner
Point 849 degrees 29’ 27” N119 degrees 35’ 20” WSpend some time opening the doors
Point 949 degrees 35’ 09” N119 degrees 41’ 01” W10 metres east under some rocks
Point 1049 degrees 36’ 02” N119 degrees 40’ 44” WLook in the top
Point 1149 degrees 33’ 57” N119 degrees 39’ 12” WEnjoy the view from the bench
Point 1249 degrees 30’ 15” N119 degrees 35’ 28” WBase of the small pine tree
Point 1349 degrees 20’ 30” N119 degrees 34’ 16” WCorner of the log building
Point 1449 degrees 09’ 53” N119 degrees 34’ 24” WCheck the trestle
Point 1549 degrees 28’ 45” N119 degrees 36’ 19” WSee if you fit in! Post it to Flickr!

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