Love Local: Cannery Trade Centre

7 reasons to explore Penticton’s Cannery Trade Centre

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Whereas Vancouver has Granville Island, Penticton has the Cannery Trade Centre. Simply taking a walk through this large industrial complex offers reflections of times gone by, taking you back almost 100 years.

But where there were once hundreds of people canning fruit and vegetables, today you’ll find more than 30 shops and services taking up residence, offering an eclectic mix of shops, entrepreneurs, creatives, restaurants, a craft brewery, studios and specialty businesses.

The Cannery Trade Centre is at 1475 Fairview Road (corner of Duncan Avenue). And if you haven’t paid it a visit lately, here are 7 reasons to add it to your list.

1. You’ll be wowed by the history and architecture

Love Local: Cannery Trade Centre

The complex is actually made up of four conjoined buildings, with one section – a former warehouse at the westerly end – dating back to 1936. For many years, the processing plant would have been humming with the machinery and the clatter of hundreds of people working away.

The Aylmer Cannery was the main fruit canning factory in Penticton from the 1930s to the early 1980s – and a major contributor to the local economy. After the business closed, it was sold and converted into a commercial centre, reopening in 1983 as the joint space it offers today.

You’ll notice canning machinery on display throughout the hallways, much like a museum, with high ceilings and other architectural delights at every turn.

Love Local: Cannery inside

2. Shop for unique items

Love Local: Cannery - 4th Meridian
4th Meridian Auctions + Vintage Shop

From vintage housewares to Scottish kilts, the Cannery is a great spot to search for specialty gifts or retro furniture. Try 4th Meridian Auctions + Vintage Shop and Another Time Around.

McPhail Kilt Maker specializes in kilts, Highland dress and tartan accessories, shipping their custom products around the world.

Check out the list of businesses online or simply drop by to take a walk through.

3. You can sample craft beer

Love Local: Tin Whistle
Tin Whistle Brewery outdoor patio. Photo credit: one eye shut media

New owners Alexis Esseltine and Timothy Scoon recently took over the reins at Tin Whistle Brewery. In a matter of short months, they gave the business a facelift, expanded its tasting room area, created an outdoor patio and achieved carbon neutral certification.

Drop by for a tasting on the patio or to pick up some beer to take out for a picnic. Its location has had a fascinating past, once a theatre, yoga studio, clothing factory and previously the home of Cannery Brewing. Read our recent blog for more.

4. Pick up amazing food

Love Local: The Nest
The Nest

If you’re looking for a meal, some to try include The Nest (locally sourced, modern cuisine), JJ Joy Restaurant (Asian) or Wrap it Up Tortilla (fresh wraps, 100% natural).

The Cannery is also home to Pulse Kitchen, which specializes in vegan and gluten-free foods made with pulses, including vegan cheeses.

5. Sign up for dance or gymnastics classes

Love Local: Even Dance
Even Dance

You’ll find dance studios and a gymnastic studio on-site, including Even Dance, Castilla Irish Dance School and Springers Gymnastics.

6. Try something different

Love Local: Cannery - VR Studio
The VR Studio

Check out the Penticton Virtual Reality Studio or Many Hats Theatre Co. Although the theatre group has been on hold during the pandemic, you can subscribe to their mailing list for updates about their pending reopening. Be sure to get your tickets for a live theatre production, once available.

7. Discover other useful services

Love Local: Cannery Trade Centre

The Cannery is also home to independent radio station Peach City Radio (CFUZ), some home improvement and construction supply shops, an ink printer cartridge business, fabric store, shoe repair, small businesses such as counselling services, and so much more.

Sure, you can scope out the list online, but really – you should check it all out for yourself in person.

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