One Time Tax Grant Partnering Agreement

In order to retain the COVID-19 One-Time Property Tax credit that has been automatically included to offset the budgeted 2020 municipal tax increase on your tax notice, the City is required to enter into a partnering agreement with non-residential properties. If you own a non-residential property, please complete this form.

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Contact Information and Properties Owned

I/we agree to 

(1) rigorously enforce the social distancing COVID-19 Guidelines of the Provincial Health Officer on the premises of my/our business and in relation to my/our business,  

(2) not engage in secondary selling with respect to essential goods and supplies (as defined in BC COVID-19 Order 120), and 

(3) rigorously enforce provincial COVID-19 orders and guidelines governing reopening as a service on behalf of the City under section 21(a) of the BC Community Charter in return for valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged. 

I understand the City has agreed to this by resolution dated May 5, 2020 (119/2020).
First and last name.