Santa Claus Parade Application 2023

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Santa Claus Parade! This event will take place on Sunday, Dec. 3, starting at 4:30 p.m. sharp. Please fill out the online application form below. The entry fee of $50 and a copy of your insurance may be mailed/emailed or dropped off at the Community Centre with the attention to Jeff Plant. Payments can be made by phone or in person. Please email if you have any questions.

If you'd prefer to print off the application form and submit it to the Community Centre, download the form here.


The City of Penticton’s priority is to ensure the safety of all parade participants and members of the public watching the Santa parade and to ensure that entries comply with local health and safety regulations. The City of Penticton reserves the right to decline any entry and grants authority to the parade organizers and their staff to remove any entry at their discretion.


2.1 Santa Claus has requested he be the ONLY Santa in the parade – please respect this request and do not have any Santa impersonators.
2.2 The ultimate responsibility for safety lies with each individual entry. Entries must comply with all regulations and must adhere to any relevant government regulations, safety codes, manufacturers’ recommendations and similar standards necessary to safely operate floats and equipment. 
2.3 Throwing any item, including candy or promotional items, from floats in not allowed. Individuals my walk alongside the float to distribute these items to people. 
2.4 Smoking, alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances are forbidden on any float, in any vehicle, or on the person of any parade participant. Violators of this rule are subject to removal from the parade. 
2.5 Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times. 


3.1 Proper parade route distance is 50 to 75 feet from the entry in front of you. Please cooperate with the Parade Marshals should they ask you to speed up or slow down.
3.2 All entries must be identified and clearly marked with the name of business or organization.
3.3 Floats must be capable of clearing all obstacles. Inflatable items are permissible on a flat, but must not be inflated while driving outside of the parade route.
3.4 Vehicle insurance is mandatory and is the responsibility of the parade participant. 
3.5 Motorized vehicles towing a float or motorized floats must carry a working and fully serviced fire extinguisher. All fire extinguishers must be readily accessible to the driver operator. 
3.6 No flammable gas, flammable liquids or open flame may be carried on the float. 
3.7 The driver of each float must have a valid driver’s license and remain with the vehicle at all times. 
3.8 Float drivers must have unobstructed 180 degree vision. 
3.9 Each float rider must have appropriate body support, seatbelts or hand holds bolted to the float. In special cases, the parade organizer may authorize the use of railings around the perimeter of the deck. This railing must be of solid construction. 
3.10 Float drivers and float riders must have rapid means of escape in an emergency. No person shall be wired or tied in a manner which means they cannot release themselves quickly. 
3.11 Float riders are not permitted on vehicle roofs or on roof racks. 
3.12 Offenders of this policy will not be permitted to participate in future parades until improvements to their float are completed to the satisfaction of the parade organizer. 

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A copy of your liability insurance is required with your application form and entry fee of $50.

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The City of Penticton respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. Your personal information will be collected and only used for the purpose of applying to be in the Santa Claus Parade pursuant to Section 26(c) of The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection, access, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact Angie Collison, Corporate Officer/Head of FOIPPA at or 250-490-2410.