Penticton Buskers Program

The City of Penticton is proud of its commitment to arts and culture and greatly values the diversity of  entertainment that buskers provide in the community. The Penticton Buskers Program is a 5-month long initiative that welcomes street performances of professional and amateur, local and touring entertainers and artists.    

What is busking?

A busker is considered to be either a single or group of musicians or performers who actively  entertain  the  community in a public space in exchange for receiving a gratuity or other  donation from one or more members of the public. 

Busking is the playing of a musical instrument, singing, giving a recitation or performing  any juggling, mime, dance or other entertainment or doing any of those things concurrently. 

General Guidelines for all Performers

Only approved and licensed buskers are permitted to perform in the Penticton Buskers Program. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension of performing privileges.

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Busking Locations and Timing

Steps to Apply

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