Public Library

Get lost in a good book. Join a writing group. Drop-in for toddler playtime. Download ebooks and audiobooks. Make connections with like-minded residents.

These are the joys of the public library. Penticton’s Library Service dates back to 1909. It has grown from a book stock of 500 to the present collection of 130,000 in addition to a growing volume of digital content.

Visit the Penticton Public Library website for upcoming events, hours of operation and further information.

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785 Main Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 5E3
Phone: 250-770-7781
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Penticton Library Board

Call out for Penticton Public Library Board Members

Becoming a Library Board Member with the Penticton Public Library can be a rewarding way to help shape this valued community service. Applications are now being accepted to fill the following vacancies:

•    Three (3) One-Year Term Penticton Public Library Board Member
•    Three (3) Two-Year Term Penticton Public Library Board Member

To learn more about becoming a Library Board Member, please view the provided package below by clicking on the link.

•    Information for Prospective Penticton Public Library Board Members

All interested individuals are invited to submit a “Penticton Public Library Board Application Form”. Application forms are also available for pick up at Reception at City Hall, 171 Main Street. 

Please submit your completed application by 4:00 p.m. on December 9, 2022 to  For further information, please call Heather Buzzell, Chief Librarian, at  250-770-7784.