Restore Penticton Creek

In the 1950s, the Penticton Creek was ‘channelized’ in response to flooding that devastated Penticton’s downtown. While the concrete channel helped with flood management, native fish species struggled with the loss of natural creek habitat and populations dropped. Over time, the concrete channel deteriorated.

In 2012, the community identified the restoration of the creek as a priority for the Downtown Plan, and in 2018, Council approved a plan to restore the creek in several phases over many years at an estimated cost of $30 million. Two previous projects addressed the restoration of the creek between Ellis Street and Nanaimo Avenue, just downstream of this new project, and three other projects have addressed some of the upstream sections of the creek.

Construction Wrapping Up

Work within Penticton Creek has now wrapped up. Crews are now working outside of the creek  to complete landscaping. This project also involved the following initiatives to improve traffic and pedestrian safety throughout the neighbourhood. This work is part of the City's ongoing efforts to naturalize and restore the creek to its natural habitat, also mitigating future flood risk. 

Penticton Creek update

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