Penticton's Major Events - Thank you!

2020 looks a little different for the events landscape in Penticton, and we wanted to take this time to thank the events who usually light up our summers and entertain us all! Penticton’s summers are iconic among residents and tourists alike, for the near-constant stream of impressive events that animate our City and engage our community. 

Penticton is home to some of the longest-running and most iconic events in the province, with the longest-running event at a whopping 72 years in operation! Many of these events are led entirely by volunteers and require hundreds of hours of planning, and their passion for our community shines through in all of these events. In addition to these key organizing committees, all of the major events in Penticton rely heavily on our impressive community of volunteers, who always welcome participants with open arms and make them feel at home. Our volunteers are truly the envy of any event destination. Thank you volunteers and organizers!

Thank you also to the businesses and sponsors who support these events! Many of these events could not operate without the team efforts of their key partners and supporters. We love to see how events can bring attention and traffic to our local businesses, and highlight how we can all work together to support major events in Penticton.  

Lastly, thank you to the residents and tourists who attend and support these iconic events in Penticton! Events do not become legendary without a legendary audience to support them. We know how much you love these events and will miss them this year – and we can’t wait to bring them all back in 2021! 

Thank you, events! 

Major Events

We’ve provided below a short description of each major event in Penticton, and we are posting a ‘Thank You Throwback’ on the event anniversaries throughout the summer. We invite you to submit your favourite photos and memories of each event below, by sending us an email and we will add them to our photo galleries.