Needles & Sharps

It’s important that our public spaces remain safe. We are taking steps to ensure that all people who use needles can access safe disposal and that stray needles – also called sharps – are dealt with promptly and safely.

Find a sharps container location near you.

Sharps Containers Locations

Safe Disposal

The City adopted its Sharps Disposal Plan in 2018, which involves assessing sites for drop boxes on both private and public land. The following locations were agreed upon:

  • Creekside Trail: Nanaimo Ave/Van Horne Street
  • Industrial Ave Trail: South of Wholesale Club near the creek
  • Okanagan Lake Park: East end past dog beach
  • Public Library: West side of the building
  • Shanghai Lane/200 Block Main Street Lane: Public washroom exterior
  • Marina Way: Entrance to Esplanade trail
  • Fairhaven Housing: 2670 Skaha Lake Road
  • Penticton United Church: 696 Main Street

These initiatives involve a coalition of community partners, who work together to safely collect and dispose of sharps as part of their day-to-day activities.

The Goals of the Sharps Disposal Strategy

  • Raise community awareness about needle safety
  • Reduce the number of discarded needles in public spaces
  • Provide more options for the safe disposal of needles
  • Reduce the risk and prevent injury to the public who find discarded needles
  • Empower the community to work together and take action toward a cleaner and safer city

If you find a sharp

If you find a sharp on public or private property and and are not comfortable with disposing of it yourself, you can contact one of these organizations. Please note hours of operation may impact availability at the time of your call.