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Penticton cares about community and accessibility. We continue to take steps to improve access for people of all abilities throughout our public spaces. Scroll down to read about the City's Accessibility Plan (2023-2026) and for details about the work being completed to remove barriers throughout our community.

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Commitment to making our community liveable and accessible

We are focused on ensuring an inclusive, healthy, safe and desirable place to live, free of barriers that prevent individuals from interacting with the City's services and facilities. Ease of access and awareness of barriers to City facilities and services are two important themes we have heard from the community. 

Removing Barriers

Audible signal devices at crosswalks in downtown Penticton help those who have visual impairments know that it’s safe to cross. Newer intersections also feature a special plastic surface that helps those with white canes identify the edge of the road through sound.

Accessible parking options are available to those who have a vehicle with a valid permit on display.  The City also works with BC Transit to offer accessible options for people to get around town. Learn more about public transit in Penticton and about accessibility on BC Transit South Okanagan-Similkameen buses.

Accessibility Plan

On Aug. 15, 2023, Council approved its first Accessibility Plan, which will direct the City’s efforts to create a more liveable and accessible City for all Penticton community members and visitors. 

In September 2022, the provincial government introduced new legislation mandating municipalities to have an Accessibility Plan that outlines how to achieve barrier-free, public access to all City services and facilities. The Plan will identify access challenges and recommend actions to remove and prevent barriers that impede people's use of City services and facilities. 

Municipalities are to complete the Plan by Sept. 1, 2023, as well as implement and maintain a feedback mechanism for the public to report accessibility concerns.  

Now endorsed by Council, the next phase is to implement the recommendations specified in the Accessibility Plan and produce tangible results. 

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