McLaren Arena

McLaren Arena is CLOSED for the season! Public skating and lesson programs will resume in October 2024.

Located at 1350 King Street, McLaren Arena is your go-to location for public skating, sports games and other ice activities.  The arena also hosts dry floor activities in the spring. The arena also hosts dry floor activities in the spring. It's home to the Penticton Minor Hockey Association, Glengarry Figure Skating Club and Penticton Minor Lacrosse.  

Public Skating

McLaren Arena is available for rentals! You’ll find spectator seating for 250, four change rooms, a referee room and a meeting room on-site. The rink is 180' x 80' and includes access to score clock, skate shop, and goal nets. For booking or rental information, please call email or call 250-490-2437.

For more information about facility rentals, visit our Events and Indoor Facility Rentals page.

Activate Penticton Outdoor Ice Rink

The Activate Penticton outdoor ice rink, at 107 Martin Street (near Gyro Park), is operated and funded entirely by a team of Activate Penticton Society volunteers (not the City of Penticton). We would like to thank them for making this possible. Please be aware that hockey is only permitted through private bookings. To book the rink, please contact Drew Barnes.

Visit the Activate Penticton website

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