Community Gardens

Penticton and the Okanagan are well known for producing some of the best fruits and vegetables in the country. Take a trip up Vancouver Hill and you’ll notice some of it is grown right here in town.

Penticton Community Garden

Penticton’s only official community garden is located near Okanagan Lake on Vancouver Hill, boasting 51 raised bed garden plots. It’s run by the Penticton Community Garden Society, a non-profit group that calls the site a “natural nexus for creative impulses.” The society educates and disseminates information on winter growing, high density planting, succession planting, preservation techniques and nurturing healthy soils.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the garden, send an email or visit the  Facebook page for the Penticton Community Garden Society.

Martin Street Volunteer Garden for the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Penticton operates the Penticton Community Food Bank. In an effort to generate more long-term solutions to food poverty, the organization offers gardening opportunities, meal planning instruction, cooking classes and lessons on how to preserve the harvest.

The garden space, donated by a local resident, includes 25 raised beds that are maintained by volunteers who are offered instruction, mentorship and support throughout the growing season.

If you’re interested in learning more about this garden, please contact Barb Stewart, Penticton Program Coordinator for the Salvation Army, at 250-492-4788 or by email.  

Urban agriculture in Penticton

Some residents have been converting their yards to productive gardens. In response, the City of Penticton has clarified the Zoning Bylaw to permit Urban Agriculture in all zones, allowing residents or an outside body (with the resident’s permission) to operate a productive garden with the intention of sale. A business license is required.

Interested in starting a community garden in Penticton? The City of Penticton can help: land, consulting services and in-kind support may be available. Please come into City Hall and speak with Planning staff.


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