Ikeda Japanese Garden

Take a walk through the idyllic Ikeda Japanese Garden to enjoy the views, the peace and quiet, and to spot fish in the ponds. The garden is particularly at its best during April or May, when the flowering plants are in bloom.

Penticton has been a sister city with Ikeda, Japan – located in the Nakagawa District of Tokachi in Hokkaido – since 1977.

The idea to establish a Japanese garden in Penticton arose during a 1992 visit to Japan. During the Ikeda delegation’s visit in 1993, newly elected Mayor Kazuo Oishi presented Penticton with a set of conceptual plans. Construction began in February 2003 and the garden is today maintained by a group of volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? To get started, complete a Ikeda Japanese Garden Volunteer webform.

For more information about the history of the garden and about the Penticton-Ikeda Sister City Society on their website.


At the Okanagan Lake waterfront, north of 199 Marina Way, Penticton


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