Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape refers to landscaping with water conservation in mind. The Penticton Xeriscape Demonstration Garden displays many plants indigenous to the Okanagan’s dry climate.

Be inspired by the variety of plants and learn more about how you can integrate similar landscaping into your home garden.

For more information about various plants that use less water, read Penticton’s Xeriscape garden brochure. Also visit our Water Conservation page for tips about how you can conserve water at home.

Did You Know?

Penticton’s Parks Department manages a large variety of trees, shrubs, turf, perennials and annuals with varying water requirements. In landscaped areas, indigenous and drought-resistant material is used, mulches are applied, and water-efficient drip irrigation systems are in place. Much of the City’s parkland irrigation is sourced from reclaimed, treated water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


At Marina Way Park on Marina Way, B.C., Penticton


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