See Something Say Something

If you see something, say something. Report any theft or suspicious activity and help our community put the brakes on property crime.

Whether you’re a business owner/operator or local resident, use this toolkit as a central resource for community information involving theft prevention. Here, you’ll find details about how to report an incident, and who you should call – whether it’s the RCMP or the City’s Bylaw enforcement team.

Also, you’ll learn some simple tips to make your property less appealing to criminals.

How to Report a Crime or Incident

If your situation is an emergency requiring immediate response, dial 911. If some time has elapsed since the incident, the suspect is no longer at the scene, or the call is to report a nuisance issue, these are considered non-emergencies. Click the first accordion below for a  chart of who to contact – and how.

Crime Prevention for Businesses

This section of the toolkit offers concrete steps you can take to improve the security of your business. These tips are based on a method called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which works by removing opportunities for criminals. 

You can use this form below to assess the security of your business, or you can contact the Community Policing Office to conduct an on-site assessment. Click through the items below for specific information about each category.

Penticton RCMP Security Self-Assessment Form

Crime Prevention for Residents

There are steps you can take to make sure your home isn’t a target for criminals. Penticton RCMP offers a  Residential Security Self-Assessment Form, which you can download and use to assess your property. Also read through the tips below for specific information about how you can improve the security of your home.

RCMP Residential Security Self-Assessment Form

About the City's Focus on Safety

Community safety is the City's top priority in 2022. As part of this year’s budget, the City has identified a number of key initiatives to address concerns about safety in Penticton. Visit our Focus on Safety page for updates on these initiatives and to learn about other ongoing efforts to support community safety.

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