Chalk art, cheering and fun signs: It must be time for IRONMAN Canada

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Penticton is a bucket-list destination for IRONMAN Canada athletes, who come here from all over the world. And one of the reasons they love it here so much is because of you. Yes, you. 

It’s thanks to the 15,000+ people who wave signs and cheer from the sidelines on race day. It’s the 2,000+ ever-smiling people who worked as volunteers throughout the event. It’s the streets filled with messages of support in street chalk. 

Street chalk

In short, the energy here is electric – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

IRONMAN Canada athletes travel here from all over North America, Europe, Australia and more. This year, 27 pro athletes will compete on home soil. 

And this year, like every other, let’s send them home raving not only about our stunning scenery, but about how our community came out – en force – to cheer them on. 

IRONMAN spectators

About how at that moment at kilometre 39, when they felt like giving up, that complete stranger at the roadside rang a cowbell, shouted words of encouragement, and gave them that needed boost to power on. 

Nowhere else in the world does a community show as much passion and support on race day than in Penticton. Let’s do it again – and give them something to talk about.  


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