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More working professionals, families and kids are moving to Penticton

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A growing number of working professionals are moving to Penticton, the latest numbers reveal. Most of these relocated from Vancouver/Lower Mainland for a job, with remote workers also showing strong growth.

“The data shows continued growth in remote workers, showing that skilled professionals and young families are recognizing the benefits of moving to a community like Penticton, where they can achieve a more appealing work-life balance,” said Anthony Haddad, the City’s General Manager of Community Services.

The results support the City’s ongoing efforts to attract more skilled and remote workers. The Economic Development department announced its Welcome Home initiative in March, providing free ‘Welcome Home’ packages to newcomers who have arrived since Jan. 1, 2022.

As part of the program, residents were invited to complete a form to help the City better understand what attracted them to Penticton and which resources they may need to get settled. A total of 128 respondents filled out the form up to July 7, 2022, when the program wrapped up, representing 301 residents. The data represents a selection of new people who arrived in Penticton during the time period and completed the form.

Age of Penticton’s recent arrivals who filled out the survey since Jan. 1, 2022

  Age 0-18 Age 19-30 Age 31-44 Age 45-65 Age 65+ Total respondents
Jan 1. – April 9 31 (15.5%) 35 (18%) 46 (23%) 69 (35%) 17 (8.5%) 198
April 10 – July 7 22 (21%) 15 (14.5%) 38 (37%) 15 (14.5%) 13 (13%) 103
Total 53 (17.5%) 50 (16.5%) 84 (28%) 84 (28%) 30 (10%) 301
Where they came from

The largest group of new arrivals between Jan. 1 and July 7 (24 per cent) came from the Lower Mainland, followed by elsewhere in the Okanagan (16 per cent), Alberta (13 per cent) and Ontario (12.5 per cent). Other top locations were Northern B.C., the Kooteneys, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The largest international destinations were Mexico and India, each at 2 per cent.

Why they moved to Penticton
  • Moved here for a job (31%)
  • Retired (23%)
  • Remote worker or work from home (14%)
  • Moved here with a partner, who came for work (14%)
  • Plan to open or take over a business (5%)
  • Work in a mobile health care position (3%)
  • Currently unemployed (3%)
  • Other reasons: student, stay-at-home mom, work shift work out-of-province, already operate a local business

The new residents stated they were living in the following types of housing.

  • House (42%)
  • Apartment / Condo (34%)
  • Townhouse (13%)
  • Duplex (4%)
  • Suite (3%)
  • Mobile / manufactured home (1.5%)
  • Motel (1.5%)
  • RV (1%)

For more information about housing projects currently in the works, visit the City's Penticton is Growing page.

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