Penticton calling: Catriona's shift from city life to lakeside leisure

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When asked why Penticton is her new chosen home, remote working professional Catriona Adam replies with a playful grin, “It’s not Kelowna.” Her tone is lighthearted, but the relocation was a strategic life change.

Why Penticton?

Penticton, nestled right in the valley's centre, strikes a balance. It carries the vibe of a bustling spot while maintaining the charm of a small town. With countless family holidays in the South Okanagan under her belt, Catriona and her partner felt like Penticton was familiar and a perfect fit for their life rhythms. 

Having lived in the coastal communities of White Rock and Tsawwassen, Catriona has always had an affinity for water. Reflecting on her travel habits show notes that destinations rarely revolved round larger urban centres, but rather those midsized, adjacent communities were the main attraction. Penticton, with its lakeside allure and health-focused lifestyle, seemed to be the perfect next chapter.

Making the move

The decision to shift wasn’t taken on a whim. A flood back at their Tsawwassen home in 2021, followed by a mold discovery impacting their health, galvanized them into action. Those rejuvenating trips to the South Okanagan weren’t just holidays anymore; they were health retreats. The benefits of the region’s dry desert air became more apparent with each visit. So, when Catriona’s partner’s company made a role available in Penticton, the choice became clear.

The move itself was a whirlwind. Listing their Tsawwassen property right before an overseas trip, settling into an Airbnb in Penticton temporarily, until they found their current apartment. They plan to buy a home, but are enjoying taking their time getting to know the various neighbourhoods before making the leap.

Work-life balance in Penticton

Catriona's work-from-home journey began long before it became a global trend. A medical episode in 2014 led her down a path of managing chronic pain while juggling professional commitments. The global shift to remote work during the pandemic resonated with her personal experience, validating her belief in flexible work cultures.

Now, as the founder of The Thick Data Company, launched in 2022, she’s channeling her personal journey into her work ethos, advocating for an inclusive and intentional work culture and for making market research more accessible to businesses.

Embracing Penticton Life

In Penticton, Catriona's days effortlessly blend work with leisure. After meetings, she often finds herself by the beach, soaking in the sun. Weekends might include sipping the region's exquisite wines, wandering local markets, or relishing the fresh peaches.

“Living here feels like a never-ending vacation,” she muses.

Navigating work, she’s found valuable resources in Penticton and online communities, which help her stay focused and connected. She explains that she works most productively near others, but being a remote business, this can provide challenges. 

Cowork Penticton has been a welcome resource, offering Catriona the opportunity to change up her work environment from time to time with drop in hot desking. Meeting other entrepreneurs and remote workers at the space has helped accelerate the feeling of home in the community. She also utilizes an online coworking service called which gives her some of the same benefits, working alongside others in a virtual fashion.

Catriona's Two Cents

For anyone pondering a significant change or a move, Catriona’s advice is clear: "Dive in, but with a plan. Test your assumptions. And if you're on the fence about something new, like coworking, just give it a shot."

She recommends building a habit of exploring your new community. She and her partner have Thursday dates at a new location each week. It’s both fun and healthy to remember to take time for yourselves and to uncover new gems in the area.

In Penticton, Catriona has found more than just a home; she's found a community and a lifestyle that resonates with her spirit. As she puts it, “It’s a privilege to call this place home.”

Paddling on the Lake
Photo Credit: Catriona Adam

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