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Are you thinking about moving to Penticton? Or maybe you recently arrived and are curious about others like you? Maybe you seek inspiration from other remote workers, entrepreneurs and working professionals? You've come to the right place!

Click the link below for a high-level overview of some of the newest residents to move to Penticton, as well as others who moved from far-flung destinations to find success in this city. To read their profiles, visit our Hear it from the Locals page.

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Start Here Penticton

More Useful Information for Newcomers

Here are some useful links for newly arrived Pentictonites. Welcome!

Start Here Penticton: Work Life's a Beach


Why Penticton?

Here are 12 great reasons to make the move. Also visit to learn more about living and working here. And don't just take it from us: Hear it from the locals who recently made the move!

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