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Spring cleaning for your business

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Tidying up has become trendy, as de-cluttering for your home recently became a hot topic thanks to Netflix, not to mention a handful of reports on how organization can help with your productivity, and even your mental health.

Spring is a good season for tidying up your business before we move into the busy season here in the Okanagan.

Let’s start with your office space…is it an organized mess, or just a mess? Of course, it’s also tax season, so clearing and organizing files is a good start. Clean and sturdy boxes can help sort paperwork into keep, recycle, and shred. Keep your tax records, of course, but recycle brochures, catalogues, old magazines and more. You can then go through the “keep” box in more detail, grab some file folders, and finally put paperwork into a filing cabinet.

There are many services that will securely take care of your shredding, including charitable events a few times a year.

As for your office space? A good dusting may do the trick, or simply moving the furniture for a refresh of the room or area. Staff room? Involve employees in a clean out and turn it into a team building afternoon.

Making sure your digital assets are in good shape as well. If your website needs a refresh, make a plan to review the content, make some edits, and think about whether or not it’s time for a rebuild or restricting the pages.

Have you checked your social media accounts lately? Who has access or knows the passwords? Make a list of networks where you have accounts. Starting with Facebook, check the list of administrators on your page and remove those who shouldn’t have access.

Twitter, Instagram, and other networks – make sure you know the account info. Resetting passwords is a good task for the spring, along with keeping them in a safe place and noting who has access. Consider these as important as knowing who has a key or security code to your front door. And vary your passwords for extra security.

Finally, take some time to make sure your business connections are healthy. Check in with your service providers to see if you have the right service options, or if you can reduce your monthly bill. And re-introduce yourself and your business to your chamber and other organizations.