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Who's moving to Penticton now? Updated insights reveal new trends

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As Penticton continues to draw new residents, the latest data from the City of Penticton's 'Welcome Home' initiative provides fresh insights into who is moving here and why. With responses from 239 households (reflecting 619 new residents) since Jan 1, 2022, here’s what’s new since our last update in November 2023.

A Dynamic Demographic Shift

The age groups of new residents are shifting. Children under 19 now represent an increased percentage of the population, up by 8%, indicating that more families are choosing Penticton as their home. 

Overall, 62.5% of new residents fall into the working-age population (16-65), indicating that Penticton is offering employment opportunities that are attractive to these newcomers.

In addition, the senior population (65+) has  seen a rise by 5%. 

Chart: New Resident Age Groupings
Visualization of data collected since Jan 1., 2022 in the Welcome Home campaign


Evolving Housing Preferences

In housing, the gap between those living in houses versus apartments has closed, with both options now being almost equally preferred — a significant change from the previous 17% disparity favouring houses. Ownership versus rental rates remain steady, reflecting a balanced housing market. Sixty per cent of respondents indicated they were living in rental housing at the time of filling out the questionnaire.

Chart: New Resident Housing
Visualization of data collected since Jan 1., 2022 in the Welcome Home campaign


Changes in Origin

There has been a notable 17% increase in new residents coming from the Lower Mainland, making it the largest source of new relocations. Northern & Interior B.C. remains a significant contributor, marking it as the second most common origin of new Penticton residents. Immigration from other provinces (Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba) is represented at a lower ratio, but is still steady.

Continuing Trends

As with our previous findings, a substantial portion of newcomers still move to Penticton for job-related reasons, including those arriving to open or buy a business, or those who are part of the increasing number of remote workers. The city’s ability to attract remote professionals continues to be strong, supported by Penticton’s lifestyle that offers a blend of work-life balance in an idyllic setting. New residents who hail from other countries remain steady at 17% of overall new households.

Penticton’s natural amenities remain the strongest reasons for moving here, with access to outdoor recreation and a great climate topping the list for most respondents. Holding strong as the fourth most cited reason for moving here is affordability, indicating that Penticton performs well in a number of categories against other communities for liveability.

A Warm Penticton Welcome

The ‘Welcome Home’ initiative continues to offer new residents a pack filled with local information and freebies, such as community centre passes and public transport tickets, to help them settle into their new community. This welcoming gesture has been well received and remains a cornerstone of Penticton’s community engagement efforts. 

For more information on making Penticton your home or to apply for a Welcome Home pack, visit

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