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Tech remote worker leaves East Vancouver for epic Penticton lifestyle

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“If you work from home, why don’t you make your home awesome?”

So says Symon More, who moved from East Vancouver to Penticton one year ago, drawn by the warm sunshine, mountain biking opportunities and more affordable cost of living. He works remotely for Hootsuite, the global tech company based in Vancouver.

It was during a visit to Penticton, sitting on a patio at a winery overlooking Okanagan Lake, when Symon – originally from Auckland, New Zealand – remarked to his wife Tamara, “I could totally live here.”

She agreed.

So they sold their one-bedroom, 660-square-foot condo and traded up for an almost 3,000-square-foot home in Penticton with views of both lakes on a spacious lot.

“On our list was: awesome view, big house and backyard – three things you can never have in Vancouver,” said Symon. In fact, just one of their three decks is the same square footage of their entire previous apartment.

But it isn’t just the cheaper cost of living that appealed to the couple.

“The weather is amazing,” he added. “Just coming from Raincouver, it’s night and day.”

Tamara also works remotely and only has to travel to Vancouver on occasion. The accessibility of an airport just minutes away providing direct flights to Vancouver and Calgary is also a bonus.

It was one year ago, right as the couple was gearing up to move here, that COVID-19 hit. All of a sudden, all of Hootsuite’s staff was told to work from home – and has ever since. It’s no surprise that Symon’s fellow colleagues are also now interested in moving out of the city. Those idyllic photos taken from his deck of the South Okanagan view may be part of it.

“It is fantastic – the best move I have ever made. I love it here,” said Symon.

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