Agriculture Jobseekers

Agriculture in Penticton is about peaches, cherries and apples – plus so much more. It’s about vineyards and award-winning wineries, and being named the craft beer capital of Canada. It’s a place where you can study viticulture and wine studies at the college. Where you can work as anything from a farm worker to brewer or wine advisor.  

So if you're interested in getting back to your roots, and doing a job in a place that you love, consider a job in Penticton. Local farms, breweries, wineries and other agricultural businesses are looking forward to meeting you. 

Job Opportunities

While many agricultural jobs are seasonal, depending on the crop harvest seasons, this sector is expanding, providing a wider variety of job opportunities. 

Wineries & Craft Breweries

Penticton is home to 40+ wineries and craft breweries. It has also been named the craft beer capital of Canada, according to Lonely Planet, having eight craft breweries within Penticton alone. 

Tasting Room Map

Living in Penticton

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