Canucks Young Stars

Witness the future of the NHL at the 10th annual Young Stars Classic, hosted by the Vancouver Canucks and the City of Penticton. From Sept. 15-18, 2023, immerse yourself in a thrilling four-team tournament featuring the top prospects from the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets organizations.

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Players expected to participate in the tournament include: 

  • Vancouver Canucks - Aidan McDonough, Akito Hirose, Cole McWard, Aatu Räty, Arshdeep Bains 
  • Calgary Flames - Samuel Honzek, Jaden Lipinski, Matt Coronato 
  • Edmonton Oilers - Matvey Petrov, Xavier Bourgault, Ty Tullio 
  • Winnipeg Jets - Colby Barlow, Brad Lambert, Chaz Lucius 

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